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Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities Eligibility

If you have a disability, have a job or get a job, and think you might make too much money or save up too much money to get Medicaid, you might qualify for Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD).

HBWD offers the same coverage as regular Medicaid, but you may have to pay a monthly premium to keep your coverage.

To qualify for HBWD, you must:

With HBWD coverage, you pay a premium of up to $500 each month (the higher your income, the higher your premium).


Freddy has no unearned income and makes $2,500 per month at his job. That's more than the regular Medicaid income limit, but he applies anyway because he's heard that he should qualify for coverage through HBWD.

When his application is reviewed, Freddy easily qualifies for HBWD because his income is way below the $4,393 per month limit. Freddy might have to pay a small premium based on his income, but it’s less than he’d have to pay for private insurance.

How to Apply for HBWD

You can apply for HBWD:

For more information or to get an application mailed to you, talk to a Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD) expert at 1-800-226-0768 or 1-866-675-8440 (TTY).

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