About Disability Benefits 101

Many people with disabilities fear that if they go to work, they'll lose needed health care and other disability benefits. Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) helps people with disabilities and service providers understand the connections between work and benefits. DB101 will help you make informed choices and show you how you can make work part of your plan.

DB101 provides:

  • Information: Learn about benefits program and rules around work. Get answers to frequently asked questions. Find out how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Estimators: Get results tailored just for you that helps you plan and set goals for work. Get tips for success for your individual situation.
  • Experts: Find answers to your questions. Connect to community resources. Read the Next Steps section of each article to learn about expert resources.
Why you can trust us

DB101 is written by benefits experts in the disability community who understand programs and make sure DB101 is always up-to-date and correct.

DB101 is a project of the non-profit World Institute on Disability (WID), which has been working for decades to help people with disabilities work and be part of the community.

DB101 is totally free for users, does not host advertisements, and does not take payments from private businesses or attorneys to add articles, referrals, or other information. DB101 does not sell or give individual user data to anyone.

DB101 is not connected to Social Security, and is not a public benefits agency or official government site. If you have questions or comments about your benefits, reach out to benefits agencies and planners.


DB101 conforms to W3C and Section 508 accessibility standards. Use the feedback form to let us know about any accessibility issues.

Training Options

DB101 Information Services produce workshops, webcasts, half-day, full-day, evening, and computer lab training events, co-designed with our state partners and the target audiences we work with. Contact Nicholas Love for more information, by phone (510-225-6400) or email (nicholas@wid.org).


Since 2002 the DB101 Team has been working together to design, produce, maintain, test, and refine web based benefits planning information and estimator tools.

The DB101 Team is:

How Do I Get DB101 In My State?

If you are interested in bringing DB101 to your state, please contact Nicholas Love at the World Institute on Disability to learn more! You can reach Nicholas by phone (510-225-6400) or email (nicholas@wid.org).