Programs That Support Work

Illinois workNet

An Illinois workNet Center can help you with your job search or career planning, with both in-person and online help available.


Illinois workNet Centers offer free services, including:

  • Help finding a job
  • Tests to see what skills you have
  • Job training
  • Career counseling
  • Help creating or updating a resume
  • Mock interviews
  • Workshops

Your local center can tell you about all the services they offer. They can also tell you about local employers who are hiring and teach you the basics of how to do a job search. Plus, each center has equipment that can help you with your job search, including computers, adaptive equipment, and materials in alternative formats.

Illinois workNet also has help online:


You can find job search or career planning services near you, using either the Illinois workNet Service Finder tool or the more specialized Disability Services Locator tool.

The Illinois workNet Calendar offers information about job fairs, adult education classes, and job training sessions.

Other Online Resources

Illinois IPS offers information to people with lived experience of mental illness, their family and friends, service providers, advocates, and employers about productive and satisfying work for people with disabilities.

The Illinois Department of Employment Services lets you search for training programs provided by the Illinois Career Information System.

The Apprenticeship Illinois program helps students and youth get structured on-the-job training with job-related classes.

The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership offers digital tools for improving your job search in high-growth and high-demand industries.

You can get help applying to work for the State of Illinois through its Disabled Workers Programs.

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